Witness - Fantasy nightmare miniature



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Witness - Fantasy nightmare miniature

"Eyes of witness and tongue of liar... You could summon one of them, it's not so hard. He will do everything you want, but after that you want be sure if this was you who wanted this or him. And this gaze... he may not have eyes but see right through you. And knows. Everything. Every dark secret you want to hide...."

Model consists of 5 parts, is cast in resin and is about 48mm high. Model comes in plastic blister with appropriate flat plastic 30mm base. Model is sold unpainted and requires assembly.

On of our biggest and most wicked miniatures. He can cause fear among your enemies, mayhem and chaos on the battlefield, he can be nightmare, specter or dark magic construct in you fantasy tabletop boar games or RPG system. With so much darkness and evil within one miniature options are limitless.