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What's new at Siren Miniatures

Hi people,

we decided to move further with sharing information with you. From now on, at the beggining of each week we will post summary of each events that happened last week at Siren Miniatures. It will  provide you with latest news, planed events and off course lot of pictures (I hope). Usually more detailed information has been posted to our Facebook or Twitter profiles. If you want to be up to date just like/folow us there. So here there are, last week news.

Introdctory articles

For some time we are talk a lot about the whole miniatures-wargaming hobby. Were it is heading, what people like and dislike, are people going into or moving out and what is hard for newcomers? Essencialy - what to do to make hobby grow? After some discusion we noticed that there is not so many places where basic information can be found. There are a lot of tutorials about painting NMM, battle damage, airbrush using etc. Intermediate and advanced hobbys can easly find what is suitable for them. But newcomers? They can be overhelmed by complexity, there is not so many places where one can find a simple explanation of just basic of this hobby. So we decided to start a series of articles about just simple stuff. At this moment there are three articles: Begginers Guide to miniature hobby, How to set up a wet palete and newest one:

And we are working on next ones. If you have any idea what you would like to see next just post on our Facebook page.

5000 people on our Facebook page

Speaking about Facebook page - two weeks ago we reached 5000 fans :) It so awesome to see a lot of people appreciate our job. To gratiiude this we prepared something special. Soon more information.

Painting work in progress

One of our models - Syle is being painted by very talented artist. We hope that soon will be able to post final version of this model. We would love to have all of our line painted, but reaching quiality requires time. Also we wonder which presents better our models - fully painted version or good photos of actual, clean resin copy? Here is sample of Syle WIP

New resseler

Some time ago we have begin cooperation with new reseller of our miniatures. And now we are proud to announce that Goblin Trader company - one of biggest miniatures and wargames distributor in Spain - has all of our line in offer. More informaton and list of other distributors can be found in Where to buy. And we still look for more distributors, retailers, independent hobby shops to run sale of our miniature. We belive that independent stories are the very heart of our this hobby and should be supported, so we prepared interesting offer for all distributors but espesially that ones that run brick and mortar shops and/or will be our first reseller in particular country.