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Siren Miniatures’ summary of the 2016 year

2016 is almost over so it is time to do some summary of our achievements and things that happened at Siren Miniatures. Our way through this 12 months wasn’t as smooth as it could be, lot of things happened that affected our miniatures’ line - headquarter moved to new localisation, total redesign of casting process and lot of other smaller changes. But it was also year of awesome decisions, like starting our tutorial series. It was also year of great new miniatures and return of previously published. Through this text you will find all major things that happened at Siren Miniatures.

Troublemakers hit the shelves

2016 begun with releasing of Trouble Makers miniatures. This three little fellas are mean, cruel, malignant and power-hungry. But still need afternoon nap and someone to tie their shoes. Three demon-wannabe toddlers riding their ever hungry puppies.

This release was another of our plans to “test miniature hobby community” - models was created just for pure fun of creation and fun of painting. Troublemakers give a lot of way to test, exercise and show the best painting skill. And they are just fun to look at.

Trouble Makers Bundle

Salute 2016

This year for the first time we took part in biggest wargaming event in UK - Salute. It was overwhelming experience and even physically exhausting. But definetly worth it. We meet and talk with a lot of people, seen best dioramas and promised ourselves to return there in the next year. We provided summary of our visit at Salute 2016.

Salute 2016 Summary

Siren Miniatures’ facebook profile hits 5000 followers

Somewhere in June we hit 5000 likes on our Facebook page. Facebook is at this moment main place to communicate with wargaming and miniature hobby community (we are working on extending to Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest). It is really great that  so many people find it worth to follow us on Facebook. To celebrate this we organised our first contest: “Good, Bad and Ugly”, where everybody had opportunity to vote for the best and the worst of our miniatures. Winners received two miniatures of their choice.

Articles and Tutorials

At the beginning of the year we began planning what could we give to community that would be interesting and valuable. We noticed that there isn’t so much information about basics of miniature painting hobby. So we decided to create a serie of tutorials that would explain everything that newcomers would like to know.

At this moment in our serie following tutorials can be found:

Rough beginings - Beginners guide to miniature hobby

Basic tools and materials

Basics - How to setup wet pallet

Other tutorials are also available here.

Miniatures get some paint

Through the year we constantly extend and improve presentation of our miniatures by adding their painted version. In cooperation with best polish miniature painters we presented you our vision of:




Last 2016 release - Jungle Fighters

Our last miniatures released this year were two dwarf models. As always in our case it wasn’t just two fatties with big axe and even bigger heir. We wondered what if dwarfs in our world have some kind of mystic martial arts? What if some of them instead of hand weapon prefer to use just fists, knees and foots to fight their enemies. This way our crossover of fantasy dwarfs with Muay Thai and kung fu masters were born.



What next?

Summary of 2016 at Siren Miniatures is ended, so maybe you wonder what will future bring? We hope we will soon have opportunity to share with you some of our plans.