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Last round in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly contest! Still you can win free miniatures!

Only 8 hours left till the end of our conest. You can still win free miniatures: al you need is to choose good and bad miniature from our line and tell us why do you think so. To pariciate in contest leave comment under our post on Facebook:

Half-way summary from Friday:

First good news - we just hit 100 comments, so every winner will get TWO free miniatures. Remember - you still have possibility do take part and win miniatures of your choice. Just comment under our post you will find there all information needed.
And here are numbers
The Worst
1. Thoge - it's no doubt: you hate this model :) He received more than 20% of "The worst" votes. and none "The best"...
2. Thaibo - this one received "only" 11%
3. Belinda - 8%

The Best
Here situation is quite different, a lot of miniatures got almost the same number of votes, so the situation can change any moment
1. Virgil - 16%
2. Kelith - 14%
3. Witess - 13%

Honourable mention:
Greid - you have love-hate feeling for this model: 7% - The worst, 11% - The Best.

Still didn't vote - c'mon!

So - what do you think about this results? Any thoughts? Would you like to know more?