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Crawling in the shadows - Assassin painting tutorial

Together with Maciej Banasik we prepared second painting tutorial for our fans. This time we would like to present you details of painting Marquise - misterious and dark member of Guild of Assassins. Maciej did very good job recreating atmosphere of this miniature, also he presents quite unique yet intresing methods of work. As with the previous Greid painting tutorial, we do not only cover techniques of using paints and brushes. We also wanted you to better "feel" this character, so we added background story of Marquise.

We hope that you will like this tutorial - that you find this form (pdf file), length and size of information intresting and of good value. If you have any comment or just want to say what you think feel free to post on our Facebook page. We would like to know what do you think.

Ok, it's enough of blablaing - here are the main stuff: Crawling in the shadows - Assassin painting tutorial.

Our tutorial is available for free for everyone, you can download it and use it. We only ask you to give us information if you are going to publish this tutorial somewhere else.