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Big changes - new Articles section

Some times ago we published two tutorial about painting our miniatures. This two materials have found quite big interest, so we decided to go further. During last week we worked hard on making some changes in our site and we are finally ready - Articles section is added. In this section at this moment you can find four tutorials, previously published Greid Painting Tutorials and Crawling in Shadows and also newest  Basics - How to setup wet pallet and Rough beginings - Beginners guide to miniature hobby. We are especially proud of Rough beginnings - Beginners guide to miniature hobby which is meant to make easier to understand and dive in our hobby.

Moreover,  we plan to provide you next tutorials and articles on regular basis. We have some materials being prepared for next months, but maybe you, our customers have some ideas? What you would like to see? About what we should write? Just send us a message on or use comments on our facebook page