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And we are back!

Summer is officially over and our long hiatus is also over. For the last 3 months you didn’t heard much from us but this doesn't mean that nothing happened during summer here at Siren Miniatures. In fact lot of things have happened. Here you can find quick summary and plans for next months.

New models

Despite summer full of sunny weather, sandy beaches and beautiful women we worked hard to create new releases for incoming months. We have at least several models on different stages of production queues and every release till the end of year planned. You should expect at least one new model each month. And expect big :)

Nearest release has been already presented. Some of you may remember renders of our incoming kickass dwarf model. This model should be available somewhere at the end of September or beginning of October. But that is not all we are going to give you this month. Follow our facebook profile for newest information.


New preorder system

All of our previous releases have preorder period: 7 days before final release day all of you had opportunity to buy those new models with -20%. After some deliberation we have taken a decision to change this system. Beginning with next release we will be informing about pre orders and other special offers using newsletter firstly. So, if you want to know when new models will be ready sign up for our newsletter.

Changes in production line

High demand for our miniatures and our desire to deliver highest quality possible led to some changes in our cast process. You will notice changes in some of our multipart models - those models may be divided in slightly different way. Also all new multi part model will came with parts on one frame. Moreover, several models went through redesigning or will be redesigned in near future. Probably you won’t notice those changes but they improve casting quality significantly. We also have some plans for future bigger redesign of existing miniatures but it is topic for other news. All those changes were introduced to allow us achieve better quality assurance and to improve your experience with our models. Here you can find some examples of new frames.

Some models are out some models are in

Production process changes and several others factor impact on our stock availability. As some of you know we are out of stock with Virgil, Kelith, Neabo  and Syle models. Fortunately we manage to cast some new copies and Syle miniature, but it is still limited run. On the other hand: our Redeemers Regiment dwarf soon will be out of stock and we cannot guarantee when they will be back on the shwelf. Spout model has run out already, from other dwarfs like Greid, Owyn, Quinn we have only several pieces left.

Big secret thing

For the last several months we have worked hard on something really big. We are not yet ready to make it official and publicly available but…. stay tuned.