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Models and offer

Your figures are great, where can I buy?

Our miniatures are available at our web shop: http://sirenminiatures.com/store or through our resellers: http://sirenminiatures.com/where-buy

What your miniatures are made of?

We use best polyurethane resin available on market. Whole casting process is done manually, using silicone molds and special equipment.

What scale are your models?
Short answer: our model are in 32mm scale. They will perfectly fit with figures made by most popular brands.

Long answer: we aim at 32mm scale, but we also believe that all beings are different so also our models have slightly different size, from 25mm high dwarf to 36mm high humanoid daemon. Some of our customers may have doubts because they want to get a 28 mm miniatures, espesially when want to mix diffrent models in one army. In fact real 28mm miniatures are virtually non-existent on current market, most of miniatures that being declared as 28mm are in fact bigger, also definition of "scale" in our hobby isn't strict but is rather unclear. So - if you want to use our models in other games as alternative - the will fit. If you not sure - every single model in our store has a photo where it actual height in mm is presented.

Do you do requests for miniatures, like custom sculpts?

Unfortunately no - we put all our time and effort to create our own best miniatures line, so we are not able to take any commissions.

What game is this for, do you have your own game?

At this moment we don't have our own game. But... stay tuned.

Some models have “out of stock” notice in their details. What does it mean?

This simply means that we do not have this model in offer. Due to amount of job needed to achieve satisfying quality level and limited resources, we produce models in limited batches. When such batch runs out it may take some time to make another. It is hard to tell how much time it will take, so we have to take out such models from offer. .Also there is a chance for some models that we discontinue them, but we will be informing about such decision.

If you want a model that are not available in our store check also our resellers: http://sirenminiatures.com/where-buy. They may still have some pieces left. Or just leave your email address - we will inform you when models will be back in stock.

Has any of you worked for Rackham?

This is a question that appeared several times. We don’t have or had anything to do with late Rackham company. Except that we own dozens of their miniatures. We also like European, especially French, comic graphics style and probably have specific taste when it comes to pop culture.

Miniature X has unrealistic weapon/pose/hair/etc. How can you live with that??

Hymm ... we believe that creatures living in unrealistic, imaginary world full of non-existent creatures are by default “unrealistic”. Any being from such world is neither less or more unrealistic than thing consisting only of giant tongue and bones or daemon with living cape or half man half tentac.… ops this one isn’t released yet.

For us there is one ultimate rule for good miniature – rule of coolness.

Shipment, payment, security

Where do you sent your products?


What are shipping cost?

We have a flat shipment rate: 4.5 euro worldwide or 0 euro if your order exceeds 50 euro. Full information about shipment can be find here Shippment and payment

Is it possible to pay with Paypal?

Yes, Paypal is our basic payment method.

I don't want or can't use Paypal - how can I pay for my order?

You do not have to register at Paypal to use its service. You are able to pay through Paypal using credit card without paypal account. But if you still do not like paypal, just configure your order, finish it on payment stage and write to us - we will help you

Why I didn't get my order yet?

We ship once per week, shipment takes about one weeks, but shipment to countries outside EU may be affected by customs check. Basing on our experience shipment times, door-to-door,  are:

·         EU countries - 1 maximum 2 weeks

·         USA//Canada/non-EU European countries - about 2-3 weeks

·         Australia/New Zealand/other countries - about 4 weeks

If you feel that you should already get your order just send us an email at contact@sirenminiatures.com. We will investigate this problem

I received broken miniatures. What should I do?

Just write us a message at contact@sirenminiatures.com, giving your login name and/or order number. We will handle everything. You will receive a replacement, as soon as possible.

I received your miniatures but I don’t like them and want to return. What should I do?

Send us a message, we will discuss everything by email. Full return policy and procedure are described in Shipment and Payment.

How about security of account and payment data?

We store only information about your orders – list of products, shipment address and amount. We also store information about your email address and user name. Your information is stored in professional manner, on secured systems with limited access to them.

We DO NOT store your credit card data – all this information is handled by payment services like Paypal. We only receive information confirming that you paid for your order.

You always are able to send us a request to delete your personal data – we will remove your emails and shipment address data from our systems.

Do your add VAT to your prices?

Yes, all prices listed in our web shop are gross prices with 23% VAT added.

Are you reliable?

Facts: We are registered general partnership company. We are on the market since September 2014, with sales started on February 2015. We sold thousands of miniatures having several hundred customers. We also cooperate with 5 resellers.

Declaration: our aim is to build a succesful miniature company, we have plan for at least several next years. We belive that this type of company can be build and run only basing on happy customers. We want to always be honest with our clients.