Tutorial - How to make fantasy floor tiles for miniature bases and dioramas



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Simple fantasy floor tiles for miniature bases and dioramas - modeling tutorial

Last time I show you how to make fantasy candles. This time i show you how to enrich your ground/bases and dioramas with simple floor tiles. Good news is that it would be even simpler than the last time. This is for total beginners, so we try to stay as simple as we can :)

We need very little tools and material:

  1. Material/Sculpting Clay - Super Sculpey(check candle tutorial for more info)

  2. Modeling knife

  3. Something roundy - cylinder like shape to roll out the clay.

  4. Coffee sticks or some thin(1 -1,5 mm) elements. I use coffee stick because they have perfect thickness - about 1 mm. We will use them to achieve constant thickness over all surface.

  5. Base area for our sculpture - I use metal jar nut. We need something that we can put into the oven and it won’t melt so this is perfect.

  6. Oven for baking the the clay. I use cheap halogen oven.

Take note that i use clay and oven to bake it, but you could use other putties like milliput, greenstuff or magic sculpt. It’s just a matter of preference. There is also another way of doing this kind of flat surface by using plaster of paris, but it’s different material and story, so let's save it for later :)

OK, so lets start. Take some Super Sculpey and make it soft in your hands. Place it on the jar nut. First push it down with your fingers then place two coffee sticks along the sides. Take your rolling tool, place it on the sticks and roll the clay….see..this simple trick allow us to achieve smooth, constant thickness along the whole surface.


We have our flat surface, but we want the square shape of a tile. Two things comes to mind. What size do we need… and yeah… we want to measure it so we can reproduce more tiles of the same size that will fit together :)

Take the ruler place it along the clay and with exacto knife gently mark the right measurement.

With few strokes per side cut the material. Don’t do it with one stroke the material will bend and it would leave this roundy/rubbery edges. It is a good idea to use your saliva for the blade of the knife(just don’t lick the blade!) so it won’t stick to the material. Remove unnecessary clay with your knife.


I aim for 1,5 cm tile. Two sides done, two more to go. Lets repeat this process once again.


As you can see above I removed unwanted material and ended with a square tile. Than, using  the knife i gently drew simple pattern. I did it with few strokes per line. Don’t worry if there are some imperfections on the cutting edges we can work on them later(after baking) by adding some scratches.

Basically that’s it! Put the tile into the oven and bake it setting up temperature and baking time appropriate for the clay. I use 130C for about 15 minutes. Below you can find some examples of the tiles. You can reproduce them by casting(the should be pretty easy to cast) or use the straight away on your terrain/bases. You can add scratches, damage and clean the cutting edges with the modeling knife and sandpaper.


I hope you enjoyed it! Happy modeling :)

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Daniel Kałaska