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How to make simple candles for fantasy scenery and dioramas - modeling tutorial

Building your miniature worlds is all about feelings and mood. And what gives more flavour to the fantasy scenery than a candles. Today i’m gonna show you how to create a simple candle for your fantasy display base or scenery. Don’t worry you need very little sculpting skills and candles by it’s nature are very forgiving. It’s more about patience and it’s all about fun so don’t stress yourself and just try :)


  1. We are gonna need some basics sculpting tools: something to smooth out sculpting clay, something to cut (modelling knife) and something pointy. I use decoupage tools with balls at the end but simple needle will do the job.

  2. Material to sculpt. I use Super Sculpey but I also used Fimo Classic before. Both of them gives almost unlimited sculpting time and they are fairly soft. The downside is that they have to be baked to harden them.SuperSculpey.jpg

  3. Simple wine cork as holding device and a piece of wire as a frame for the candle.


Pin the wire into the cork as on above pictures. It will serve as an armature for the candle. The  cork will be our handler. Measure the high of the wire as the high of the candle to fit the scale of your models/world. Of course you can do bigger candles - it is fantasy after all :)


Take some of Super Sculpey and knead it for some time in your hands. When it’s soft, take some of it and roll a sausage like shape. Pin the material on to the wire. Don’t worry about your fingerprints on the candle and use your fingers to roll the shape and proper thickness.


Yeah….it looks like a small pennis or dildo and the natural colors of the putty doesn’t help either:) Cut off some of material if the candle after modeling is to high and it probably is after rolling and fixing the thickness. Use pointy tool to make a hole at the top where the candle burns. Then use the sculpting tool to smooth out the surface on the sides. We want to clean out our fingertips. The tool may stick to the surface so we need to use grease/vaseline or saliva :) I suggest the saliva because it dries without changing the surface and we will need to stick more material to our candle.

Just please...I know most of the painters lick brushes, but the acrylic paints are non toxic … at least in theory. Most of the putties are toxic so do not lick your sculpting tools!

Now we will add the effect of melted wax. Usually the wax melts on one side of the candle and it flows down. Take a little piece of material and I mean really, really little. Roll it out with your finger or sculpting tool.


It would be cool if you would achieve tear like shape, but don’t worry if you don’t. We aim for best “time to effect” factor. It can be hard to apply such a small element on the candle so i suggest to use brush. Wet the brush with water or saliva so the putty will stick better and then place the “melting wax” along the candle. It may take some time, be patient sooner or later you will make it :)


Repeat this process few times with different material high/width/volume. Place the melting wax mostly on one side where the candles burns more and where the wax flows down. You should have something similiar to this:


We can also place some melted wax on the ground. Roll a ball from putty and place it under our new candle. Than push it to the ground with sculpting tool and shape it around the candle. As I said before - candle shapes and melting process is very forgiving by nature so you don’t have to be very accurate and as long as your shapes are “roundy” it’s fine!


Let’s do another layer of wax. Place another one only this time smaller and shape it like before.


As on the first one add melting streaks and you’re Done!

Now time to bake our candles - put it into oven in 130C for about 15 minutes. I use cheap halogen oven(you can get one easily on ebay) and do not use it for baking food! This stuff is probably toxic….putty, not food :)

Few minutes later they are done!


Here are more examples - at the right bigger candles i made from fimo classic mixed with mix quick(softener)about 50/50.



These are not photo real but they are enough to bring some mood and interest to your scenery. You can get better effect by better shaping and smoothing material. It’s all about the practice and goal/expectations. You can also may try to use “White spirit”/alcohol/turpentine for smoothing Super Sculpey or applying streaks with some liquid/diluted putty(Magic sculpt, Milliput ect.).

If you want to add a wick there is nothing simpler. Drill a tiny hole and stick a piece of wire.

This should do.

Hope you find it useful :)

If you want more of this tutorials or have some suggestions/better ways/ides/process let us know at: or


Daniel Kałaska