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New figurines

New dwarfs concept arts.

Next month we plan to provide support for our masked dwarfs "Redeemers Regiment". Two new models are going to be released - Quinn and Spout. Here you can find concept arts for them. Next week we will show you some 3D model based on them.

Assassyn available and new shipment rules

Today we have two good news for you.

One is that our new model, Assassyn Marquis is available in store. Moreover we introduce a new option - prepurchase offer. Till March 20th we offer this model at price lowered by 20%. Second are big changes in our shippment rules - flat rate and free shipping!

Previous, a bit complicated system, has been replaced with two single rules:

- one, single shippment rate for whole world, no mather where we send your order you pay only 4,5 euro

And.... we are online

Today is the big day for us. Finally our website is fully operational and ready to take your orders for our miniatures. Our first wave of miniatures has been casted, checked, packed and is waiting for you.

Virgil renders

Here you can find renders of our Virgil and his sidekicks.

Concept arts

Here you can find all of concept art for our models that where published on facebook page.