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New figurines

July releases are here!

At least. We are ready to take orders for two new miniatures: Thaibo - fearless dwarf, killer of monsters and Witness - biggest of our miniatures. Until 20. July both miniatures are available. with 15  discout. So, only 7 days left.

Concept arts of incoming july releases

Here can you find concept arts of incoming june releases. Next month we are going to create new dwarf with really big axe and "something". Something (we have special name for it - guess what) will be really big.


Battlefield Berlin has our miniatures in their store

Battlefield Berlin is our second retailer. For those who do not know - it is one of biggest and best brick and mortar shop with everything wargaming and miniatures related. This shop is placed near center of Berlin bu also has its sale online. Visiting this place is overhelming experience for all figurines fan. We are really proud that they were intrested in our miniatures and decided to start selling our products. More info can be found on their Facebook page

Enslaved and Ricardo released

This time we have three new models - Ricardo - mean, nasty Frogger with a serious gun, Thoge and Hatall - two slave-warriors whos only craving is to live one more day.

Kelith and Neabo are here

Our ladies are ready, Naebo and Kelith have been added to our store.

As always, for first two weeks we are taking pre-order for this miniatures: Naebo and Kelith can be bought at lower price separately or in our second bundle - Moon Children Bundle. Both girls and bundle are available with 20% discount for next two weeks. More information about models can be found on theirs store pages.