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New figurines

Lots of new releases

Finally our latest relases are here! Firstly Frogger Miguel hits the stage. And together with two others is available in Frogger Bundle. Secondly - new girls: Ingrid and Nadia are available both separatly and in Sisters of No Mercy Bundle. All our newest releases are available with promotional discount 15% for single models and 20% for bundles. Remember it will last only until 15. November.

Concept arts of incoming Sisters of No Mercy

In a very few days we will release set of new models. Basing on our customers requests this month is again a ladies month. You will have an opportunity to meet two new awesome Sisters Of Mercy. As always for short period of time they will be available with big presale discount. But that is not all - this month lot of changes is going to happen.
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Syle and Gustav preorders started

Syle and Gustav models are ready for orders. Both models are prepared and being casted at this moment. Until  6. October we are running preorder sale -15% for single Gustav or Syle or -20% if you are buying in Eagle Guard Bundle. If your order exceeds 50 euro shipping is for free and ...

New resleller

We are proud to inform you that our miniatures are available in Figures For Sale shop. This information is especially intresting for our fans from United Kingdom. For more information - check theirs page:

Crawling in the shadows - Assassin painting tutorial

Together with Maciej Banasik we prepared second painting tutorial for our fans. This time we would like to present you details of painting Marquise - misterious and dark member of Guild of Assassins. Maciej did very good job recreating atmosphere of this miniature, also he presents quite unique yet intresing methods of work. As with the previous Greid painting tutorial, we do not only cover techniques of using paints and brushes.