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New figurines

Photos of painted Witness

Today we published photos of our most weird miniatures - Witness. More pictures available on miniature page.

This awesome paintjob was done by Krzysztof REDAV Kobalczyk from The Brush Brothers

Miniatures out of stock!!!

It finally happened - several of our miniatures became out of stock and in some other cases only a few figurines left. The first miniature that run off is Virgil and Moon Children Bundle. Restocking will take some time. In Virgil, Naebo and Kelith cases we do not expect to create new copies sooner than in March/April.

Hexy Shop joins us

We are proud to inform you that we started cooperation with Hexy Shop - our new distributor. Our miniatures are already availabne in:


Odins preorder

Only until 20. December we are running preorders for our new miniature Odins. You can get it with 15% off.

Working hard on improvement on our site

Our site is up and runing for almost year. Druring this time we gathered a lot of experience and opinions of our customers. Basing on this we dicided to begin process of redesigning our website. This will take rather evolutionary than revolutionary way but you should expect some changes in next weeks.
If you have any comment or see anything that we should improve fell free to send us an email at