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New figurines

Last round in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly contest! Still you can win free miniatures!

Only 8 hours left till the end of our conest. You can still win free miniatures: al you need is to choose good and bad miniature from our line and tell us why do you think so. To pariciate in contest leave comment under our post on Facebook:

Half-way summary from Friday:

What's new at Siren Miniatures

Hi people,

we decided to move further with sharing information with you. From now on, at the beggining of each week we will post summary of each events that happened last week at Siren Miniatures. It will  provide you with latest news, planed events and off course lot of pictures (I hope). Usually more detailed information has been posted to our Facebook or Twitter profiles. If you want to be up to date just like/folow us there. So here there are, last week news.

Painted Ingrid

Our Ingrid model has got some update: we uploaded pictures of awesome painted version of this miniature. The paint job was done by Artur Żołędowski. This is twelveth painted miniature in our collection! This means that more than half of our product line can show it full awesomeness in full color. As far as we remember our first painted miniatures were Virgil and Greid models - btw. this were also first miniatures released by us.

Painted Gustav model

We just uploaded newest photos of Gustav miniature. Paintjob was done by Artur Żołędowski. If you like it live your comment on ouf Facebook Page.

Big changes - new Articles section

Some times ago we published two tutorial about painting our miniatures. This two materials have found quite big interest, so we decided to go further. During last week we worked hard on making some changes in our site and we are finally ready - Articles section is added.