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New figurines

Siren Miniatures’ summary of the 2016 year

2016 is almost over so it is time to do some summary of our achievements and things that happened at Siren Miniatures. Our way through this 12 months wasn’t as smooth as it could be, lot of things happened that affected our miniatures’ line - headquarter moved to new localisation, total redesign of casting process and lot of other smaller changes. But it was also year of awesome decisions, like starting our tutorial series.

We ship your orders for free!

We updated our terms and condition to streamlined shipment. We wanted to make it clear that our rules a simple as they can be:

1. We have flat rate 4,5 euro for shipping. No matter where you live - we will deliver your order just for 4,5 euro

2. But if your order miniatures for more that 50 euro you don’t need to pay for shipping. We will deliver your miniatures FOR FREE.

Jungle Fighers on their way

As we mentioned in previous news through the last months we were working hard on new models and other awesome … things (psst, it’s a secret for now). In the following weeks we will be showing more from our new products. The ones that are almost ready are glorious Jungle Fighters!

And we are back!

Summer is officially over and our long hiatus is also over. For the last 3 months you didn’t heard much from us but this doesn't mean that nothing happened during summer here at Siren Miniatures. In fact lot of things have happened. Here you can find quick summary and plans for next months.

Last round in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly contest! Still you can win free miniatures!

Only 8 hours left till the end of our conest. You can still win free miniatures: al you need is to choose good and bad miniature from our line and tell us why do you think so. To pariciate in contest leave comment under our post on Facebook:

Half-way summary from Friday: